Parkway Church is our current name, but we have been known in our community since 1967 as Bethel Free Will Baptist Church. 

We are culturally diverse, evangelical and passionate about creating a God-honoring community on a mission lead people to restore their relationship with God and each other.

We have two worship services on Sundays. The first is at 10:30 am and is our English service. The second is at 1:30 pm and is in Spanish.

Our music is diverse with hymns, choruses, and modern worship songs.

Our doctrine (what we believe) is rooted in an historical faith that has been passed down to us in God’s Word. We welcome diverse views on “non-essential” doctrines and hold firmly to “non-negotiable” doctrines. We find it is best to have a discussion about those in person :). As you might imagine, words by themselves leave something to the imagination. So, we would love to interact with you and let you know what we believe and why we believe it! 

Our denominational affiliation is Free Will Baptist. It is one of the oldest Baptist denominations in the United States. There are some 2,500 churches and 450,000 members around the world. The denomination supports: Welch College, Randall House Publications, International Missions, North American Missions, and other subsidiary ministries.

We have activities for infants, children, and teenagers. Your family will find a place at Parkway!

Military service members and their families feel at home at our church. Many of our church members are retired military personnel and feel a special burden to minister to families currently in the service.

These links may be helpful for you:

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