For the safety and security of our children, we ask that every child be checked in prior to entering our children’s activity areas.


We want you and your children to know that we care about you! We want your child to be as safe as possible in our care. In order to help accomplish these goals, we implemented the check-in system. It allows us to keep track of who is on site at any given time. We also will know who dropped off your child and who is authorized to pick them up.


The check-in system is easy to use! In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to check-in a family of 4 children! After the first time you check-in, you will check in using your phone number. That will take a matter of seconds! The information we ask is basic, name, address, allergy information, and birth dates.


When you enter the Parkway Church doors, to the right you will see the Parkway Kid Check-in area. Once checked in, you will be given labels and directions on where your child should go next. You will also be given one security tag per family. When you retrieve your children, please give the tag to the volunteer with your child. All volunteers must check-in too, so you’ll know them by their name tag!

If you would prefer, you can complete your Parkway Kid Check information below!

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