MMO Thanksgiving Presentation Information:


Thank you, God the Father (Fold hands in prayer)

Thank you, for the sunshine (arms overhead in circle)

Thank you, for the rain (move fingers down)

Thank you, for things that grow (move fingers upward to the sky)

Thank you, for good food to eat (circle around the belly)

Thank you, for our families who love us (self-hug)

Thank you, God the father (Fold hands in prayer)


ALL: Five Fat turkeys, short and plump.

ALL: The first one hid, way high up on a stump.

TEACHER: The second one said…

___________________: “We should run, run, run”

TEACHER: The third one said…

__________________: “Or we’ll be done.”

TEACHER: the fourth one said…

_________________: “I don’t want to be dinner.”

TEACHER: The Fifth one said…

________________: “I wish I were thinner.”



Students are asked to make a poster at home with everything they are thankful for… Feel free to be creative. (i.e. family pictures, drawings of favorite toys or games) On our day of presentation they will stand with their poster. They will show the congregation their poster and asked a few questions about it.


“Thank you, Lord for making me” song.


Presentation Video: